When complete drainage is necessary, these are the tanks of choice. They are designed primarily for use on fertilizer and chemical nurse trailers. The floor of the tank is sloped from end-to-end and side-to-side with a sump mounted fitting in the centre of the tank. Flow through internal baffles and domed ends help make this series one of the smoothest hauling lines on the market.

Total drain leg tank stands are custom fabricated. Contact your Account Manager for more information, custom fabrication pricing and stock steel support band information.


Norwesco bands are custom fabricated to support the Norwesco tanks and are galvanized for added corrosion protection.

Ace bands are custom fabricated and galvanized and require a skid underneath to mount them to.

Whether using the tank in a stationary position or for transport, bands are necessary to ensure that the tank retains its shape. Bands and ladders must be ordered separately and are sold individually.