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A world-class chemical handling system for both ground and aerial sprayers:


One of the biggest headaches in agricultural spraying is getting your crop protection products safely loaded, mixed and transported to the sprayer in as little time as possible, with safety in mind and contact with the product minimized.  The Handler accomplished this.

The Handler is a proprietary line of chemical handling systems that enables quick, easy and safe mixing and loading of agricultural chemicals into sprayers, airplanes and hauling tank systems.  Originally developed by a Canadian farmer who was tired of having to climb up onto his sprayer to dump 2 1/2 gallon jugs of chemical, only to have to fight with rinsing them, the Handler has evolved into a total crop protection management system.

Available in 4 sizes and proven in tens of thousands of farms from across the world, The Handler reduces the time that it takes to properly load and mix a sprayer.  The key to a successful spraying operation is spending less time loading and more time spraying, without sacrificing safety.  With the Handler safety, speed and effectiveness are combined into a single unit that will quickly become the lifeblood of your spraying operation.

Each model comes with a wide variety of features designed to ease the loading process:

  • Available in four (4) convenient sizes – 15, 42, 70 & 230 US gallons
  • Handles liquid, dry and bulk product
  • Built-in bulk handling capability
  • Fill your sprayer fast, safely and effectively
  • Patented knife system to maximize mixing speed and minimize waste
  • Ensures safe disposal of chemicals and minimizes exposure.
  • Fresh water rinse line for equipment cleanup and line rinsing
  • Weatherproof, UV resistant black hose throughout
  • Dedicated, venturi powered bulk suction line
  • Exclusive double venturi for easy emptying of bulk containers
  • 3” seamless Handler bypass offers the highest volume bypass flow yet!

The Handler is available from retailers and distributors across North America, Europe and Australia.

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The Handler became the top selling specialty loading system in North America because of its ability to cut, empty and rinse a container in seconds.   As spraying has changed, so has The Handler.  In addition to The Handler knife, the system also mixes powders and dry products easily and quickly, draws from bulk containers using the Handler venturi on select models, and utilizes cone-bottom, calibrated tanks to easily accommodate batch mixtures and bulk chemical metering.

The Handler is such a great investment for spraying operations; you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one before!

The Handler comes complete with:

  • 2 or 3 inch camlocks for easy hook -up
  • a proprietary, high-performance glass-filled polypropylene venturi fitting, to empty your Handler in seconds using only the water flow from virtually any transfer pump (Handler I, II & III)
  • bulk adapter connections to draw directly from bulk containers without the need for a slow, unreliable chemical pump (Handler II & III)
  • a high-visibility, calibrated, cone-bottom tank that works on any terrain
  • optional frames that accommodate any 2 or 3 inch transfer pump (Handler II, III & IV)
  • optional recirculation packages to allow for batch mixing (Handler II, III & IV)

Double Venturi Bulk Handling Capability Flow Meter Kits

1Increased speed and the reduction of the bottlenecks normally associated with loading a sprayer are the keys to spending less time loading the sprayer and more time using it.  The new Handler Exclusive double venturi allows for easy and seamless suction between the Handler tank and an outside bulk container.

2Each Handler II and III is now Bulk Ready allowing you to cut out low volume 12 volt pumps and utilize the proven speed of the Handler venturi to move chemical faster than ever.

3Draw from bulk containers using your Handler II or III.  By adding a 1” or 2” Banjo magnetic flow meter or a 1” GPI flow meter, and a bulk adapter kit you use the Handler venturi to directly induct product into the fill line.  This non-mechanical process eliminates the need for slow chemical pumps and simply won’t break down.

RotaCraft Tank Rinse Nozzle Banjo Manifold Fittings Optional Pump Kits

4The RotaCraft comes standard with every Handler III and Handler IV.  This high capacity tank rinse nozzle prevents cross contamination, and quickly and easily rinses out the tank.

5A plumbing system featuring the innovative Banjo manifold threadless fittings is available with every Handler model.  With the manifold system, assembly time is shorter, leaks are eliminated, and parts are easier to repair or replace.

6A pump kit is optional with the Handler II, III, and IV.  The kit comes complete with a recirculation package (making it easy to batch mix virtually any chemical); a pump frame (Handler II and III only); all of the assembly hardware; and a versatile Honda-powered Banjo polypropylene pump.

The Secret of the Patented Knife

What is the secret? The Handler uses a patented knife system to

  1. cut plastic chemical jugs,
  2. empty their contents for mixing, and
  3. fully rinse the jugs for safe disposal

All in less than 30 seconds while filling your sprayer!  There is no waste – your chemical is fully used.  (Industry tests show without proper rinsing an average of 2 ounces of chemical remains per container and is wasted!).  Working in conjunction with a custom-made Handler venturi, the Handler can save you time and money and decrease your risk of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.  How it works:

The pump is running and the user grabs a full, unopened container of product.  With The Handler there is no need to waste time opening the lid and peeling the foil seal.

The user punctures the jug bottom with the patented knife, and the product flows from the container into the calibrated Handler tank.  Depending on the system configuration product remains in The Handler tank or flows directly into the venturi toward the sprayer.

The jug has emptied and user begins to rinse the container with fresh water.  The high volume, high pressure rinse removes all remaining product from the container and effortlessly achieves the trip rinse required by many disposal sites.

The container is completely rinsed with fresh water and no product remains.  The jug has been rendered useless and is ready for safe disposal.

Handler Models

Handler I

The 15 US gallon Handler I is the smallest Handler and is designed primarily for direct induction of chemical into sprayers.  The Handler I is available as a free standing unit (shown) and is a popular factory installed addition to some of the top sprayers on the market today.  The Handler I also features a special venturi designed for small sprayers with capacities of less than 300 gallons.  The Handler I does not come with the venturi bulk draw capability.

  • Size (US Gallons) – 15
  • Size (liters) – 60
  • Tank Calibration Units – US Gallons, Imperial Gallons, liters
  • Fitting Style – Threadless manifold fittings
  • Fitting Connections – 2″
  • Venturi Size – 1 1/2″ single port
  • Rotacraft Tank Clean – Not available

With a capacity of 42 US gallons and 2” or 3” connection sizes, the Handler II allows the user to batch mix everything from liquids to dry products and powders, as well as directly induct chemical into the sprayer.  The Handler II comes standard with the ability to draw directly from bulk containers using the Handler double venturi.  The Handler II has a standard single nozzle agitation system for mixing dry formulations and assisting in tank cleaning.  It is available with or without the integrated pump and pump platform.

  • Size (US Gallons) – 42
  • Size (liters) – 160
  • Tank Calibration Units – US Gallons, liters
  • Fitting Style – Threadless manifold fittings
  • Fitting Connections – 2″ or 3″
  • Venturi Size – 2″ dual port
  • Rotacraft Tank Clean – Not available

The Handler III is available with 2” or 3” connections.  The 70 gallon capacity of this unit allows the user to batch mix everything from liquids to dry flowable and powders, as well as directly induct chemical through a venturi while the sprayer is being filled.  The Handler III comes standard with the ability to draw directly from bulk containers using the Handler double venturi.  The Handler III is available with or without an integrated pump and comes with the RotaCraft tank rinse nozzle to prevent contamination of products.  It also has a standard single nozzle agitation system for mixing dry formulations.

  • Size (US Gallons) – 70
  • Size (liters) – 275
  • Tank Calibration Units – US Gallons, Imperial Gallons, liters
  • Fitting Style – Threadless manifold fittings
  • Fitting Connections – 2″ or 3″
  • Venturi Size – 2″ dual port
  • Rotacraft Tank Clean – Included

The Handler IV is definitely the king of the batch and induction systems on the market today.  Two 2” agitators, two lids, 3” manifold fittings, full draining cone-bottomed tank, convenient forklift-ready base and containment tray… the large ground operator, the aerial applicator and the commercial user all love the versatility of the Handler IV.

With a working capacity of 230 US gallons, the Handler IV allows the user to batch mix everything from liquids to dry flowables and powders.  The Handler IV comes complete with all the plumbing required for recirculation with 3” lines, plus a RotoCraft tank rinse nozzle to prevent product contamination.  The bottom of the Handler IV is sloped for full drainage, and a special bulkhead at the bottom of each tank ensures complete drainage.  With the Handler IV you can fill your sprayer in less time and save money.

NOTE: The Handler IV does not have a venturi.

  • Size (US Gallons) – 230
  • Size (liters) – 870
  • Tank Calibration Units – US Gallons, liters
  • Fitting Style – Threadless manifold fittings
  • Fitting Connections – 3″
  • Venturi Size – No venturi
  • Rotacraft Tank Clean – Included

Worldwide Distributors Wanted

For more than a decade Polywest has been manufacturing and exporting The Handler to customers across the world, including Australia, Europe, South America and the United States.  Our distribution model is simple; we search out the partners who will best represent the Handler in a defined region and work with that partner to maximize their sales, adding value to their bottom line.  Our export partners are all actively involved in the distribution or resale of agricultural-related liquid handling products across broad regions.

We offer our export partners:

  • A quality product with more than 15,000 systems sold in Canada and many thousands more worldwide
  • Regionally customized products that take into account unique requirements of different areas of the globe
  • Onsite, telephone and web-based training
  • Trade show support
  • Email and telephone assistance
  • Marketing and brand support and development
  • An experienced logistics and shipping team who are well versed in the complexities of exporting products including:
    • Accurate completion of shipping paperwork
    • Export complexity quality assurance
    • Careful container loading
    • A successful track record of on-time deliveries with little to no product damage

To maximize discounts and reduce shipping costs, our distributors order product in dedicated 20’ or 40’ containers.  For distributors well versed in exporting we will load your container and allow you to manage the shipment.  We are also able to manage the entire shipment from our fabricating facility located in the transportation hub of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, including container booking, export paperwork management, loading and shipping.  A 40’ container is able to ship anywhere from 18 to 30 Handlers depending on the size and configuration.
Prior to being loaded in a shipping container each Handler is assembled to a point best suited for export.  Additional components are shipped in bulk or are pre-assembled for final assembly by the distributor.  All of the product fits securely in a shipping container.