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For decades farmers and retailers have recognized that fiberglass tanks are the ideal tank for the storage of liquid fertilizer because of their corrosion resistant properties, high strength to weight ration and UV resistance.

What is new is that Polywest’s BIG GREEN TANKS are now available for all producers directly from us.

Save money and buy the right tank for your liquid fertilizer storage needs.

  • Sizes to 50,000 US Gallons

    Our BIG GREEN TANKS range in size from 20,000 US gallons to 50,000 US gallons.  We’ll have your size.

  • Low Maintenance

    Potentially dangerous corrosion and rusting is not a factor with fiberglass tanks.  Set your tank in place and forget about it!

  • 20+ Year Life Cycle

    The up front investment in a high quality, fiberglass tank build specifically for fertilizer storage pays off over the life of the tank.

  • Fiberglass Filament Wound Structure

    By maximizing the structure of the fiberglass we can create the lightest weight to strength ratio of any tank on the market.

  • Corrosion Free

    The natural corrosion resistance of fiberglass tanks prevents internal and external corrosion.

  • UV Resistant

    UV inhibitors in our tanks prevent degradation by the sun and eliminates the “hairy” look common to other brands of fiberglass tank.

  • Integrated Seam Construction

    Any seams on our tanks are completely integrated into the structural and corrosion resistant layers.  Simply put, our tanks don’t leak.

  • Easy to Modify

    By nature fiberglass tanks are easily modified in the factory and in the field.  Our fiberglass tanks can be made-to-order with your features included.

Composite 4-Layer Fiberglass Design

Wall Construction
  1. A C-Veil inner liner of chemical / corrosion resistant resin.
  2. Corrosion barrier of resin layers and strength giving chopped fibreglass.
  3. High strength structural wall of filament wound glass strands intermixed with fibreglass and resin.
  4. Exterior coat of chemical / corrosion resistant, weatherproof resin with a UV inhibitor.

Available Sizes

Item NumberCapacity
(Imperial Gallons)
(US Gallons)

Containment Packages Available

Although our tanks are guaranteed not to leak, we recognize that in certain applications and on certain sites there is a requirement for secondary containment.  We have partnered with two leading manufacturers to include polyethylene containment barriers and a wide variety of containment liners in our packaged tank farm systems.  Please let your Account Manager know the specific site containment requirements and applicable square footage so that we can design a total solution for you.  Our team has the knowledge and experience to source the products that meet your jurisdiction or company requirements for on-farm or commercial site containment.

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